Pioneered in Sydney by Duraglaze in 1963, the fibreglass pool resurfacing process, Fibreglaze has undergone several technological changes in the manufacturing process. This ensures that Fibreglaze is comprised of the highest quality materials available in Australia today.

All resins are tested for viscosity, thixotropy, gel time at 20 and 25 degrees Celsius with MEKP additions of 1% and 2%. Resins are also tested for thin firm cure, pot cure, opacity, and solvent resistance. These rigorous testing procedures gives us 100% confidence in our seven-year warranty.

The process is made up of the following steps:

  1. The vinyl ester primer coat provides the adhesive strength, and is the foundation for the laminate.
  2. Fibreglaze uses 450grm CSM matt, providing 100% resistance to osmosis and chemical attack. Vinyl ester is the main body of the laminate.
  3. The vinyl ester filler coat adds further insurance, containing colour pigment that acts as an undercoat.
  4. Last, the final Aquaguard Topcoat is applied, giving the pool a beautiful finish and further protective cover.

Available Surface Colours:

Please note that the colour palette below is the raw colour only. The colour of the pool changes dramatically once water is added to the pool. Ask us for more detail on our most popular colours, and how they change in different light.

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